Roster Justice for the Qantas Group

Last week, delegates from across the country gathered in Melbourne to reflect on and plan the ASU’s agenda for the next two years. Our collective goal is clear: to campaign for the betterment of all workers within the Qantas Group. Here's what we stand for and the actions we are taking:

Our Campaign Goals:

  •     Pay Increases: Securing real wage growth that reflects the value of our work.
  •     Roster Justice: Ensuring stable and predictable rosters for all employees.
  •     Job Security: Maximising direct employment and minimizing insecure work arrangements.

Qantas is threatening working conditions

Qantas is aggressively pushing an agenda that threatens our working conditions. They aim to:

  • Implement variable hours for full-timers (e.g., working 10 hours one day and 4 the next) at single rates. This will smash overtime and 20th days off (similar to an RDO).
  • Allow part-time employees to work more than 7.6 hours at single rates. This will smash overtime for workers by allowing Qantas to extend workers' shifts on the day of operations at single rates instead of paying overtime.

These attacks are starting in Qantas mainline Airports and Lounges. If successful, it sets a precedent and it is then easier for the Group to extend these attacks to other areas and subsidiaries. Make no mistake, they will!

Our response is clear!

We are launching a campaign to improve rostering standards across the Group.

Our demands include:

1) Minimum Published Roster Period: A minimum of 28 days for notified rosters.

2) Penalties for Shift Changes: Compensation for any shifts changed after the roster is published.

3) Overtime Compensation: Ensuring overtime pay for any work performed outside the notified roster.

4) Minimum Consecutive Breaks: Guaranteeing an enforceable minimum of a 2-day consecutive break each week.

We need your support to achieve roster justice. Please sign our petition, which your delegates and Organisers will circulate on-site.

Solidarity with QantasLink Workers

ASU members in QantasLink are currently engaged in enterprise bargaining to improve their working conditions. We stand in solidarity with them and wish them success in their campaign.

Together, we can make a difference. Let's fight for the respect and fair treatment we deserve.

If you are not already a member, now is the time to join. You can join online If you require any support or additional information, please contact your local ASU delegates or ASU organiser at: