Redland members endorse pay - some matters still outstanding

Congratulations to all members of The Services Union at Redland City Council who voted in our survey regarding the Council’s improved pay offer. Member participation was significant, as was the margin by which voters supported accepting the pay offer.

We have advised the Council of the survey outcome, and we are finalising our feedback on the Council’s other outstanding items which include sick certificates, Construction Allowance and the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) provision.

The EEO provision is a new requirement for all Certified Agreements (CAs) following a very recent amendment to the Industrial Relations Act. Through this amendment, the QLD Government is leading the way towards pay equity across traditionally male and traditionally female work roles. The Federal Government has introduced similar measures towards achieving comparable outcomes in workplaces Australia-wide. Our concern is that the Council’s advisors – the same people who argued at Mareeba Shire Council that paid parental leave is now a thing of the past – do not seem to grasp the full implications of the new EEO provisions and want to unnecessarily limit the reach of the legislation when we are facing wage proposals which offend the principles of equal pay on almost a daily basis.

The Services Union is committed to getting it right. We cannot afford to waste this opportunity to ensure the best possible outcome regarding pay equity. Our preliminary feedback to the Council has reflected this, and our ongoing input will continue to do so. Once again, if we are unable to resolve this and the other outstanding matters with the Council, we will take up the opportunity afforded by the QIRC hearing listed for this Friday.

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Above: Members and Union Officials at Redland City Council