Bargaining Update - Tell Council to Get a Grip!

Today, The Services Union met with Redland City Council for further Certified Agreement (CA) discussions. We advised the Council that its ‘revised’ offer – which basically re-attaches backpay to the previous offer of 3%, 3.5% and 3.5% plus increased on-call allowance – was not going to cut it given the current economic indicators.

While we did get the Council’s agreement to index the on-call allowance by the yearly pay percentage (as in the outdoor CA), we remain unresolved on the core issue of pay. Clearly the Council has yet to grasp what the economic climate means for you and your colleagues. With national CPI at 6.1% (7.3% for Brisbane) and underlying inflation at an unprecedented 4.9%, our wages position of 5%, 4% and 4% (with a CPI safety net in the final year) is much more appropriate than what’s on offer.

Achieving the right pay package is rarely quick or easy, but members of our Union know we’re by your side to see it through. Members also have access to Protected Industrial Action to help press our claim. If you haven’t voted in our Protected Action Ballot, please do so before 5pm today (Thursday 25 August). If you haven’t received your link to the electronic ballot, please advise ASAP at [email protected]

If you work with someone who is not a member and wants a better deal, remind them that  joining is easy online.


Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Redland City Council.