Qantas Group workers deserve a slice of bumper earnings

Qantas Group recently announced interim earnings of $869 million for the first half of FY24. This substantial profit is because of your dedication and hard work, and you have made significant sacrifices in recent years. As part of the frontline customer service workforce, ASU members have played a crucial role in contributing to the Group's success.

Despite enduring wage freezes imposed by Alan Joyce, workers witnessed the offshoring of customer service call centre jobs and the dismissal of over 2000 colleagues across the group. Additionally, as frontline workers, you have been at the forefront, managing chaos at airports nationwide amidst increasing customer demand and workforce reductions

It is imperative that Qantas Group prioritises its employees and ensures you receive your fair share of the profits. While executives may stand to receive generous bonuses, it is essential to recognise and reward the efforts of all employees with increased investment in frontline customer service workers and improvements in rostering to maintain high-quality service standards for the airline's customers.

The ASU is in the Fair Work Commission advocating for an overhaul of rostering practices industry-wide, and with Qantas Group's substantial profits, it demonstrates they are not suffering financially and can make change for the better.

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