Qantas Groundstar Trial - The Project So Far

 As you know there is a Groundstar Task Allocation Trial scheduled to commence next week. This trial aims to allocate tasks to team members based on demand. There has been some feedback provided about the tasks and concerns that the allocation of the tasks in 4-hour blocks will increase risk of harm to team members. The feedback provided so far is summarised below:

  • Concerns about 4 hr allocation of tasking to PLE, Marshalling, Check-in, Baggage Drop Off, Arrivals and Departures.
  • The Domestic Terminal is a completely different work environment to International
  • Concerns about 4 hrs standing or walking on hard surfaces
  • Injuries to feet not covered by QF Workcover
  • Extra pressure on CSS who already have a demanding workload
  • Removing tasks from RALS
  • Lack of skills being utilised
  • Lack of job satisfaction leading to higher sick leave

Each of these concerns was identified at the Workplace Health and Safety Committee meeting yesterday and a thorough risk assessment has been undertaken. 

Qantas tells us that the important part of this trial is for all team members to provide comprehensive feedback throughout the trial. A QR code for feedback will be available at all task locations. The proposal is that the feedback will be reviewed each week and changes to the trial will be implemented as soon as possible.

One area that has already been identified as requiring attention is the PLE task. It has been acknowledged that this task is isolated and that the team member is often working under pressure to provide a high level of service to these customers. It has been suggested that the task allocation to PLE may need to be modified to make this role more manageable. The opportunity of having two team members allocated to this task has also been suggested.

The issue remains as to whether you are supportive of the trial taking place or if there are unresolved concerns that you have about the trial. Please complete this survey to confirm your views about the Trial.

If you have any questions, please contact Organiser Jacqui Pedersen on 0447 092 388 or by email at [email protected] or Organiser Jessica Daniels on 0487 777 396 or by email at [email protected].

Above: The Services Union surveys members at Qantas for the Groundstar Trial