QR Travel and Other Employee Agreement Update

Yesterday, we returned to the table to continue bargaining for the Travel & Tourism and Other Employees stream - Schedule 1 Onboard and Other Staff. We answered some questions around our claims that Queensland Rail had.

Please note that at this stage of bargaining, Queensland Rail have not outright rejected any of our claims (yet).

Queensland Rail took the time to expand on some of their stances around the claims tabled. This involved discussions around the relief positions that are currently part of the onboard staff roster. It was also concerning to find out that not all areas of the business are currently involved in attending the local and business consultative committee meetings. Queensland Rail has committed to rectifying this situation. We intend to hold them to their word.

We are also having discussions with Queensland Rail around the concerns regarding the platform staff, where their current position description doesn’t accurately reflect their actual role. The current suggestion has been to trigger a position description review; however, your unions will be ensuring that no member is disadvantaged.

Other concerns were around the fact that currently there are no first aid qualified staff on hand, despite the volume of people who pass through this area. As well as the disparity between platform staff in regional when compared to their counterparts across the SEQ stations network.

Further negotiation meetings are yet to be scheduled, hopefully, there won’t be a large gap. We are looking forward to more discussion around our claims and Queensland Rail's claims.

We will continue to work collectively and keep you updated.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Workplace Delegate or call Services Connect on 3844 5300.

Above: We continue to bargain at QR.