QR Bargaining Stations Operations

The Services Union and the Rail Tram and Bus Union met with Queensland Rail to review the no and maybe lists of the presented Station Operations logs of claims items being negotiated on behalf of members.

Unions have emphatically stated that roster stability and adequate roster notice is a Workplace Health and Safety Matter that will become a legislated requirement in April.  The Unions are united that the advance notice of rosters and roster stability is a critical request and that many of the Log of Claims items will be resolved once this is secured.

The attached list of Log of Claims items had been allocated to Station Operations, Core and Items to be Parked.  The Unions identified items in the Core List that should remain as Station Operations Items.  It was also agreed that The Work from Home item on the Parked List could be closed.

We have had some positive interactions, and this gives your unions hope.

We will be keeping members updated as the negotiations progress.

If you have any question please contact TSU Organiser Jacqui Pedersen at Services Connect on 3844 5300.