The Qld Rail EA negotiations are underway.  We had our first Station Operations EA Negotiation meeting yesterday and presented our Log of Claims that was developed in consultation with our members. 

The overwhelming theme of the Log of Claims relates to roster stability and work/life balance and the conversion of NGR Fixed Term Porters to permanent. Both Unions are closely aligned in achieving these key claims as Stations staff have been subjected to rosters that for years have had little or no regard to  family responsibilities let alone reasonable alignment to Master Rosters.

Below are some of our Log of Claims Items.  The full list is also attached here
  • Rostering Principles - to form part of the EA proper and is part of these negotiations.
  • Rosters – Own your own link, in the Master Roster if you are rostered to work on a weekend, those shifts belong to you.  For clarity you should not lose your Master Roster overtime shift if you access an entitlement eg. annual leave or personal leave during the link.  You should also keep your Master Roster overtime shifts if you are assisting QR when working Higher Grade shifts during the link
  • Rostering – No rostered shifts 4 hours before an RDO or Annual Leave.  The leave days commences at 00:01 and no shift can be worked after 20:00 on the preceding day
  • Operational rosters to be posted with at least four weeks’ notice and are closely aligned to the Master roster to ensure the least disruption
  • Shift Worker definition - A rotating 7day roster which includes starts earlier than 6am and finishes later than 6pm
  • Fixed Term to Permanent – Fixed term employees on NGR converted to permanent

The other items that we are hoping to have included in all of the Qld Rail agreements are being negotiated through Core.  Some of these items include:
  • Wages to address the high cost of living and as a minimum QR applies the GOC wages policy (2022) including a CPI adjustment clause
  • Purchase of Annual Leave – Employees are able purchase additional weeks of annual leave with the cost of this leave payable in fortnightly instalments prior to the additional leave being accessed
  • Long Service Leave – Employees are able to take their long service leave at double the time, half the pay (eg.  6 weeks of Long Service Leave taken over 12 weeks at half pay)

We will be keeping members fully informed throughout the negotiations.

Any questions regarding this request, please contact Jacqui Pedersen on 0499 072 334 or via email jacqui.pedersen@theservicesunion.com.au