Powerlink Bargaining and Industrial Action update

Key Updates:

  • Our Protected Industrial Action had a significant impact on Powerlink.
  • Our Union has been undertaking a significant amount of work behind the scenes to resolve the outstanding claims.
  • Whilst no movement from Powerlink yet, our Union is meeting with Powerlink today.
First of all, we must thank you for your tremendous efforts over the past few days by taking protected industrial action.

As you know, our Union took action on 12 March and 13 March 2024. In our notices for this action, we set out a number of strategic actions for our members to take.

These actions included a 24-hour stoppage, which was adopted by a significant portion of our membership.

Other actions were more targeted for our members who were unable to take the 24-hour stoppage because they had to maintain the safety of the network and/or for other strategic reasons.

In any event, what we can tell you is that the combination of these actions has had a significant impact.

Our action caused significant disruption for Powerlink management. Our strategic action made it extremely difficult for Powerlink to engage in workplace planning for the days we took action and delayed a significant amount of planned work.

While you were taking action, our Union met with Government to exert pressure on the State Government to resolve the outstanding claims.

We are meeting with Powerlink today to discuss our outstanding claims. We hope Powerlink will finally be in a position to resolve these issues.

In the event these issues cannot be resolved, we have several notices lodged for strategic areas of the business to take protected industrial action. We will provide members details of these actions after our meeting today if Powerlink are not in a position to negotiate on our outstanding claims. 

The Services Union is by your side.

Above: ASU is the union fighting for members at Powerlink!