Placements will be paid thanks to ASU Members

We've just won paid placements for social work degrees! 

Thousands of ASU members have taken action to end unpaid placements- and today we’ve won!

Thanks to the incredible campaigning of ASU members, like you, placements for social work degrees will be paid from July next year.

Students studying social work at the moment must undertake 1,000 hours of unpaid placements in order to complete their studies. That’s almost a third of a year, working full-time.

For too many this has caused financial hardship and the choice between their mandatory unpaid placement or being able to pay the bills.

Together, ASU members, students and academics have joined together to make sure all work is paid, including university placements.

The University Accord report agreed with us and now the Government has taken action to ensure students are supported through their studies and into their careers.

From July 2025, students will be able to access a practical placement payment of $319.50 per week in addition to other income supports a student may be receiving.

The ASU will work with our members through the detail of today’s announcement and continue to campaign for students studying community services degrees to have rights and entitlements of workers through their placements.  

This victory shows the power of our collective action. When we join together as union members, we win!

By your side, 

ASU: All work should be paid. It is time students are paid for compulsory Community Services Degree placements.