Package on the Table, Industrial Action Suspended

Key update:
  • Industrial action successful – EQL puts significant package on the table.
  • TSU to suspend industrial action.
We thank you for your tremendous efforts over the past few days by taking protected industrial action.

Efforts made by EQL Union members resulted in EQL putting a significant package on the table that will benefit ALL EQL workers.

We will provide detailed information to our members around this package tomorrow outlining all of the agreed claims. However, we are confident the package will address some of our key outstanding claims by providing enhancements to parental leave and superannuation and introducing allowances for attraction and retention for workers employed in all areas of the business.

These outcomes could not have been achieved without your efforts in taking protected industrial action.

As you know, our Union provided EQL with notices detailing a number of actions that were taken yesterday and are being taken today by our members based in Rockhampton, Gladstone and Yeppoon and across Network Operations.

These actions included a 24-hour stoppage, which was adopted by a significant portion of our membership.

Other actions were more targeted for our members who were unable to take the 24-hour stoppage because they had to maintain the safety of the network and for other strategic reasons.

What we can tell you is that the combination of these actions has had a significant impact.

Representatives from EQL’s management commented to members of our bargaining team that our action caused significant disruption for them over a number of days and made it extremely difficult for them to engage in workplace planning around the upcoming action.

The action itself created a significant amount of uncertainty for EQL, prevented planned work from going ahead and resulted in call queues in retail blowing out significantly.

Your action sent a strong message to the business, who then scrambled to engage with Government to ensure the outstanding claims could be resolved.

There are still bargaining issues that need to be ironed out, including the drafting of the new Enterprise Agreement. However, given there is an offer on the table for consideration, our Union has made the decision to suspend industrial action.

Thank you, members!

Finally, our Union and our EQL Bargaining delegates would like to thank you, our members.

We understand the last seven (7) months have been difficult, stressful and at times frustrating.

Whilst these processes are never perfect, we hope you know that we always strive to do the best we can for you, and to ensure you are informed about the decisions you make in the workplace.

We appreciate each and every one of you, and the support we received from you only made us more determined.

The outcomes we have achieved in this negotiation have been off the back of your commitment and the commitment of our delegates.

We note our delegates have worked tirelessly throughout the EBA process. We cannot thank them enough. They make EQL a great place to work and they have fiercely advocated for your interests in these negotiations.

We are fortunate to represent such committed members and we will continue fighting on your behalf to deliver outcomes for all workers.

We will be in touch tomorrow with further information around the package.

We are by your side.

The ASU is the Union fighting for members at EQL.