On Average, Women earn less than Men in The Qantas Group

 As you may have seen reported, recent data from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency reveals concerning disparities in pay within the Qantas Group. On average, Women at Qantas earn 39.3% less than their male counterparts, while women at Jetstar face an even wider gap, with a 53.5% difference in median salary.

The implementation of new transparency laws has provided us with unprecedented visibility into the inner workings of the airline. However, the findings we're uncovering are troubling.

Employees across the Qantas Group have experienced financial strain, enduring a pay policy that included a two-year pay freeze and below cost of living pay increases at the height of the cost of living crisis, which entrenches pay disparity. 

In a positive development, the Qantas Group has contacted the ASU to discuss the wage gap.

The Qantas Group must take immediate and meaningful steps to address the wage gap. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring proper compensation for overtime due to short-notice roster changes, establishing clear career pathways, providing genuine flexibility to maximise earning potential for women, and, crucially, disbanding its pay policy and increases wages for our members. We will work with delegates and the Qantas Group to close this gap.

As the Union that pioneered Family and Domestic Violence leave over a decade ago, the ASU remains unwavering in its commitment to championing fairness and equality in the workplace. We must stand united to rectify these systemic issues.

If you’ve got any questions, please reach out to your Leadership Team or contact your Qantas union Organiser Jessica Daniels on 0487 777 396 or by emailing [email protected] 

Above: ASU is the union fighting for members at The Qantas Group!