Olympic-worthy wage backflip at South Burnett

Members of The Services Union at South Burnett Regional Council know that our Union has to be agile when it comes to negotiating the best possible pay outcomes. However, our agility has been completely eclipsed by the Council’s unprecedented backflip at the bargaining table today, such that we are wondering whether the South Burnett Region is planning on hosting any of the 2032 Olympics events! After having agreed on a pay increase of 10% over two years, the Council today announced that the offer is now 8% (4% per year).

It’s clear that the only thing that is going to set the Council back on the right course is the short, sharp shock of Protected Industrial Action. Therefore, you are hereby notified that The Services Union will conduct a ballot of all members at South Burnett Regional Council to determine whether to endorse protected industrial action in support of restoring the previously agreed pay offer of 10% over two years (5% per year).

Members will be able to vote electronically, and we encourage you to do so. The electronic ballot will open at 9:00am on Wednesday 21 December 2022 and will remain open until 5:00pm on Tuesday 3 January 2023.

We will send you a link to access the electronic ballot prior to the opening time noted above.

A printable pdf version of this notice is available for download here  for you to distribute within your work group. Please be advised that only members of The Services Union will be able to vote, and only members of The Services Union will be able to participate in any resulting protected industrial action. If you work with someone who is not yet a member but wants to vote or participate, remind them that joining is easy here.

If you have any questions, please contact your Workplace Delegate Lara Hodson or organiser Jason Shepherd ([email protected] ).