Negotiations for new Agreement – have your say!

Our Tenants Queensland (TQ) Agreement will expire in January 2023 and it’s time to have a say!

As your Workplace Delegates, we have been having ongoing discussions with TQ about the commencement of our negotiations for some time. 

Our employer has recently indicated their intention to negotiate a new Agreement and this week issued the Notice of Employee Representation Rights (NERR) to all staff.

It’s time for members and the broader TQ staff, to think about what’s important when it comes to our terms and working conditions.

What do you think TQ should include in our EA to improve staff satisfaction, productivity, and work life balance?

Click here to complete the staff survey. Your feedback will help The Services Union develop a member log of claims for the EA negotiations.

We already know there are a couple of important issues on the agenda, including:
  • An annual pay rise; and
  • Flexible Work from Home (FWFH) provisions.

Earlier this year, we surveyed members and staff about FWFH provisions and received a high return rate. The pandemic forced us to change how we work, and all staff experienced the benefits of working from home.

The survey showed 100% of The Services Union members said they wanted the new Agreement to provide flexibility and the option to work from home which was echoed by TQ staff.

More than half of TQ staff said they wanted the ability to work from home up to three days a week, subject to work needs. Other staff simply wanted the flexibility to negotiate FWFH arrangements as needed. Even staff who didn’t want to work from home themselves, said they supported the FWFH proposal to improve conditions, improve staff retention and show TQ was a modern employer.

In addition to the recruitment and retention benefit, survey responses identified a range of benefits for TQ in providing FWFH arrangements, including:
  • Reducing staff travel time and our environmental footprint;
  • Improving productivity;
  • Allowing quiet time to focus;
  • Supporting staff well-being and work-life balance, which demonstrates TQ trusts and values staff to get on with the job.

In seeking to have FWFH provision included in the new Agreement we need to hear from you again.

Please take a few minutes to share your views by completing the survey by clicking here.
If you are considering joining The Services Union, you can also talk to talk to us as your workplace delegates, or visit our Union’s website:

You are welcome to respond to the survey.

For TQ staff who are not members of The Services Union, this is a good time to think about how your views will be represented in the upcoming negotiations.
All respondents have the option to do this survey anonymously. All responses are confidential.
We are here to consult on employee views, represent member claims during the negotiations, and provide feedback to members about the progress of negotiations. We want to improve TQ working conditions and get the best possible outcomes for you all.  

Your feedback will inform our log of claims in the upcoming Employment Agreement negotiations.

If you have questions please call or email us your workplace delegates or [email protected]

or phone 3844 5300

Above: Your workplace delegates at TQ