Negotiations for an Agreement at Endeavour to continue into 2024!

The Services Union remains committed to working with members at Endeavour Foundation to secure an Enterprise Agreement.

At members meetings held last week, we reflected on the journey we have all been on since negotiations commenced. This included reflecting on the actions taken when negotiations stalled and need to seek an extension due to changes to the Fair Work Act that impacted old Enterprise Agreements (zombie agreements), like yours at Endeavour Foundation.

We were pleased to share with members that the Fair Work Commission has approved our application to extend your current Agreement for a period of 12months. This extension allows us to renegotiate an Agreement for members that:  
  1. Covers all employees
  2. Provides pay parity
  3. Delivers a wage increase that values the work you do
  4. Provides choice and control on changes that impact you
Members from Industries reinforced just how important pay parity was for them as they apply the same skill sets when working with clients as support workers but are paid significantly less when it comes to the base rate of pay. The voices of Home Site Supervisors and Employment Coaches were heard with regards to workloads and how sustainable these roles are if workload is not addressed. So too were the voices of support workers in regards to the need for a consultation process that gives members choice and control on proposed roster changes. What was common across all members was their desire for above Award wages, to have their work valued and for Endeavour to lead the way as an employer of choice.

Where to from here?

Your Workplace Delegates and Organisers will continue to meet with Endeavour management with meeting dates set for 2024. Workplace Delegates need your support to continue to share our information and ask your colleagues to be part of the process by becoming union members.

With a clear deadline in front of us to complete the negotiations we will keep members informed and educated on the process with more members meetings being held in 2024.

If you are not a member yet but want to achieve better pay and conditions in 2024, now is the time to join by visiting our page. Stay protected. Stay informed. Stay engaged. Secure your job and future and join!

To understand how you can make Union membership work for you, check out our Member Benefits Information here.

Please note the union office will be closed from 22 December 2023 and opening on 2 January 2024. For more information contact the union office via [email protected]

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Endeavour.