Moreton Bay Regional Council Bargaining Update

As your ally in the workplace we have been by your side throughout the entire EBA5 negotiation process, ensuring that you get the pay and conditions you deserve.

We surveyed members at the end of last year and have been waiting for a draft agreement from the Council, after members voted in favour of accepting 4%, 4%, and 3.5% (or CPI capped at 4%). We received this last week and have given the Council extensive feedback and suggested changes to the draft Agreement.

We know it has taken a long time to get to where we are but the devil is in the detail and we want to make sure that you get an Agreement that is easy to navigate, easy to interpret, and with improved conditions!

The Council are now going through our feedback and suggested changes, and will send through an updated draft.

In the meantime, members know we’re by your side for as long as it takes to secure the pay and conditions you deserve. Remind your colleagues of what we’re doing to improve your conditions. If you work with anyone who is not yet a member encourage them to join online.

ASU is the Union fighting for workers at Moreton Bay Regional Council.