Mercy Community Consultation Update. Important Information!

Thank you again to those who attended our Mercy Community update session last week via Zoom. We have another session at 3pm today for anyone that wishes to attend (non-members welcome). Please register via this link to attend:

Our Union would like to provide employees with an update.
  1. We do not believe Mercy has any appetite for a transfer of business, despite our Union having made clear offers to work on this to mitigate impact to employees and the people you support on-the-ground. Our Union remains open to achieving a transfer of business, and/or redeployment where possible.

  2. In consideration of the above point, our Union is in discussions with Mercy and Government and remains focussed on obtaining the following commitments.
*Genuine Consultation.
*Fair redundancy payments.
*Underpayments being paid in a timely manner.

These will continue to be our top priorities as we support our Members through this difficult process.

If you have any questions or wish to provide information and/or feedback, please do so via our google form: Questions Register - Mercy Community Workers (

Post our meeting today, our Union will be providing members with vital information to consider in this process. This may take a day or two to reach your inbox as we are collating a large amount of feedback and want to provide you with the most up-to-date accurate information and answer the questions you have asked via our google form. Remember, your feedback helps assist us in our representations. It is confidential and you have every right to share it with your Union.

Please also note- We are offering to waive our 90-day waiting period for this consultation to non-members who join before Friday 22.03.2024. Membership is going to assist you through (and post) this process, as Mercy adjusts to changes made during this consultation. Membership is 100% tax deductible.

We suggest if you are not currently a member, you take this opportunity to join our Union by filling out our join form here so you can access support now and in the future when you may need it the most.