Members stand up for fairness at Isaac Regional Council!

It’s time to demand the pay rise you deserve at Isaac Regional Council! The Services Union is by your side to ensure this happens.

We told the Council weeks ago that you rejected its unfair approach to bargaining which favours one set of workers over another. We told the Council again earlier this month. The Council made noises about tabling an improved offer. But all the Council saw fit to offer was a lousy extra 0.4% which doesn’t address the current cost of living and fails to match what your outdoor colleagues are already getting.

All up, it’s the same old chain-dragging. It’s now time to tell the Council: enough is enough.

Following consultation with your Workplace Strike Committee, our Union has notified the Council that we will take protected industrial action in the form of a series of one-hour work stoppages tomorrow (Wednesday 16 August). The Strike Committee will contact you shortly to determine what this means for your work group (if this has not already happened).

If management asks whether you intend to stop work, you do not have to answer.

Only Union members can participate in this protected industrial action. If you work with someone who wants a better deal but is not a member, they can join quickly and confidentially here .

Please refer questions to your Workplace Delegates (Murray Tyler, Terese Wilcock, Tracey Williams, Cathy Furness, Ann Mison, Claire Griffith) or your Organiser, Glenn Desmond .

Members will determine what goes into your new CA. If you are not yet a member and want a say, joining is easy online.

Above: Members prepared to stand up for fairness at Isaac Regional Council!