Major changes afoot at Fraser Coast Regional Council

As your ally in the workplace at Fraser Coast Regional Council, The Services Union understands that workplace change can be challenging. After meeting with management about the Council’s proposed changes to the organisational structure our Union got a commitment that the Council will meet the requirements of your Certified Agreement regarding redeployment and/ or any potential voluntary redundancies (clause 6.6 of your CA) as part of this process.

Council outlined the following significant changes that they are proposing:

  • Creation of 24 new positions;
  • 18 positions to be removed from the current structure; (most of these positions are vacant)
  •  5 Stream A positions with staff in the roles will be removed from the structure (Conversations have already occurred with the affected employees).
  • Change to work units and reporting lines.

The consultation period closes on the 28th July. We know that things don’t always go to plan when it comes to workplace change. That’s why if you have any concerns at all that the proposed changes may have any significant effects on your role or prospects within the Council, you should contact your new Union Organiser [email protected]. When emailing Leonie please respond answering the following:

  1. What you understand the changes to be
  2. How the changes will impact you
  3. Why the proposed changes are detrimental to you and/ or why you disagree with the proposed changes
  4. Any feedback you have about other ways forward
  5. Any questions you have

Members know it’s part of our Union’s core business to ensure you are properly consulted over workplace change. If you work with someone who is not yet a member, joining is easy online.

Major change is afoot at Fraser Coast Regional Council