Lifting Local Libraries – One Delegate at a time

In April 2024 we have an important opportunity to improve your pay, conditions and workplace culture at the negotiations of your new Certified Agreement. Union Delegates are essential to give members a voice to achieve positive change. Below is some information about how you can become a Union Delegate at Brisbane City Council – Libraries and what’s involved in the role.

What is the role of a Union Delegate?

Not all Delegates do all things. Some Delegates will specialise in specific tasks and duties, such as on recruiting new members and organising Union structures and processes in the workplace. Some may focus more on representing the Union on a committee, assisting colleagues with the complex task of reclassifications. Some Delegates will sit alongside The Services Union Organisers during disputes, while others will handle the first or even the final steps of a grievance. Of course training and support is provided to help you along the path of becoming and learning the role of a Delegate.

You’ll find these things out as you go along. You don’t have to take on everything at once. Start with the things you already do, and The Services Union will help you to learn some of the other parts of the role.

  1. Find out what is going on in the workplace.
  2. Find out who is and isn’t a member in your workplace and get recruiting.
  3. Communicate issues to management. This can range from informal talks with supervisors to formal meetings with the assistance of a Services Union Industrial Officer.
  4. Assist with Bargaining campaigns
  5. Attend Delegate training.
For more information about the role of a Delegate, training and support, contact your Union Organiser Annalise Krupitza on [email protected] or 0473 933 392.

Our Union is running a statewide ‘Lifting Local Libraries’ campaign that’s key goal is to ensure that library employees are placed in positions that align with their skills and experience. Proper classification of work at Councils should ensure that the entry level for library staff is Level 2 of our Award, not Level 1. Want to get more involved? Become a Delegate and join our Library Network – Our Network aims to better collaborate, coordinate our Library campaign across Queensland and make key decisions for our campaign. Contact [email protected] for more details.

Above: Brisbane Town Hall. Brisbane City Council it’s one of the world’s biggest local authorities, and the work our members perform to keeps the city running!