Key Developments from Virgin Australia and ASU Discussions at the Fair Work Commission

The ASU and Virgin Australia recently concluded negotiations on the Virgin Australia & ASU - Guest Services & Guest Contract Centre – Agreement 2023 (‘Agreement’).

Following a dispute regarding the implementation of classification rates, and separately buddy payments, the ASU and Virgin Australia engaged in discussions at the Fair Work Commission where an agreement was reached.  The Fair Work Commission has recommended, and the parties agree, that we jointly communicate the outcome of those discussions to employees and members alike.

The ASU and Virgin Australia have agreed as follows:
  1. Employees who changed classification as a result of the implementation of the new classification structure within the Agreement (as of 12 November 2023) will receive a one-off payment of $700 (gross), excluding employees seconded at Level 7, trainees, and any person who advanced via skills-based progression after 12 November 2023.
  2. A $15 Buddy Allowance will be paid to any team member rostered for a buddy shift between 12 November 2023 and 14 April 2024 inclusive. The buddy program will cease as of 15 April 2024, with Virgin Australia implementing a new “Mentor Program” in line with the Agreement.
  3. Virgin Australia will create an additional 20 full-time roles in addition to the 40 roles outlined in clause 10 of the Agreement, resulting in a total of 60 new full-time roles in Guest Services.
Both parties are committed to continuing to work together at the upcoming national consultation meeting.

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