Isaac Regional Council continues to miss the point

Isaac Regional Council just isn’t getting the point.

At this week’s Certified Agreement negotiations, the Council tabled a revised – but still lacklustre – pay offer of 4% per year with a CPI adjuster capped at 4.5% for years two and three.

We reiterated that this still fell significantly short of CPI (currently 6%) and did not match the pay increase for outdoor staff.

The Council argued that the average increase across Streams B and C was 4.3%. This completely ignores the fact that the offer for outdoor employees includes a whopping 60% increase to the Construction Allowance. We say if it walks like a duck…

Our Union informed the Council that our members had voted overwhelmingly in favour of Protected Industrial Action. We urged the Council to come back to us with an offer that keeps pace with current inflation and matches the deal offered to Stream B & C employees. We will advise you as soon as we have a response.
Now that the Industrial Registry has authorised you to take the protected action you have voted up, it’s time to start discussing how we can encourage the Council to make its response a valid one. If you would like to be on our Union’s Strike Committee and have input into which actions will best suit your work group, contact your workplace delegates (Murray Tyler (Nebo), Terese Wilcock (Moranbah), Tracey Williams (Dysart), Cathy Furness & Ann Mison (St Lawrence) or Claire Griffith (Clermont)) or myself.

If you work with someone who wants an equitable deal that keeps pace with the cost of living, the best thing they can do to support this outcome is to join online .

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Isaac Regional Council.