Industries Voices Being Heard on Wages – More to do!

As Endeavour Industries Members the need to uplift wages is being heard but there is more to do!

Over the past year we have repeatedly told Endeavour Foundation (EF) Management that the wages paid to Industries employees must not be less than what your colleagues working in Residential and Lifestyle and Learning sites receive. Whether it has been at the Bargaining table or the Joint Consultative Committee or in direct discussions with your CEO we have relentlessly advocated for pay parity across Endeavour!

EF Management in response has made the decision to apply a temporary Market Allowance to Employment Coach (EC) and Production Team Leader (PTL) roles, despite our request that all Industry wages be improved. This is the same Market Allowance they applied to the EC and PTL roles in NSW. The amount you receive will depend on where your current salary is in relation to the Adjusted Benchmark Salary for your position. We understand you will receive advice about this from EF, with the first payment to commence on the 24th of December 2022. It will remain in place for six months with EF Management committing to undertake a holistic review of Industries, with a view to implementing a permanent solution. For many of you in EC and PTL roles this news cannot come at a better time of year.

For all members working in EF Industries, as your ally in the workplace, we have reiterated to EF Management that a permanent solution is needed that sees all Endeavour Industries roles appropriately valued and remunerated. Only then will EF Industry workers be truly valued and respected, and pay parity achieved!

This interim outcome is a direct result of your tireless pursuit for pay parity across EF and the support shown by your colleagues in Residentials and Lifestyle and Learning.  It is only by standing together in solidarity that your voice has been heard by EF Management.

There is still more to do over the next six months to reach a fair, reasonable and permanent solution. We must continue to build on our membership and presence across EF Industries. Strong membership in EF Industries, will significantly improve your outcome in these important negotiations. It is the act of unity that provides the continued opportunity to have our requests given the serious consideration and validating solutions you deserve.

What can Members do to help?

If you know colleagues who aren’t Members yet, please forward them this information and encourage them to join.

You deserve to be paid and valued in the same way as your Residential and Lifestyle and Learning colleagues, but the success of these continued discussions will depend on Member involvement and action. Your voice makes all the difference!

Contact Organiser Tracey Coorey for any queries or further information. email: [email protected] or phone: 0421 729 071

Above: We are by the side of our members at Endeavour as we bargain for a fair EBA.