In Principle Agreement at EQL!

Key Update: TSU provides 'in principle agreement' to the package tabled by EQL.

As you know, a significant offer was recently tabled by EQL as part of the EBA negotiations and over the past week we asked that you provide your feedback by email or during member meetings.

The position put forward by the vast majority of members was that they were in favour of accepting the offer tabled by EQL.

On that basis, we provided Energy Queensland with 'in principle agreement' this week.

The new Enterprise Agreement will provide EQL workers with conditions that will make it the electricity industry employer of choice in the State. In particular, by providing:

1. Significant enhancement to wages:

   a. 15.5% wage increases across four (4) years;

   b. plus the introduction of an all-purpose ‘attraction + retention allowance’, which will be:

      i. $4.00 per hour for technical roles; and

      ii. $2.50 per hour for administrative and professional managerial roles.

   c. plus enhancements to existing allowances and the introduction of new allowances.

2. Significant enhancement to superannuation: 14.75% superannuation by 1 July 2025.

3. Introduction of a 72-hour fortnight worked over nine (9) days, decreased from 72.5 hours, without a reduction of the annual rates, with:

   a. acknowledgement in the Agreement that these hours can be worked across eight (8) days
       instead of nine (9) where operationally possible;

   b. acknowledgement that workers can work from home 50% of the time where operationally

4. Enhancements to leave, including additional paid parental leave and special leave.

Full details of the offer can be found by using the following link.

For those of you who attended the member meetings or reached out by email or phone to provide feedback and/or to express your gratitude for the work that has gone into these negotiations – we want to say thank you and to note that we are lucky to represent such great members! We could not have achieved these great outcomes without your efforts.

Whilst we have provided in principle agreement, our Union has been able to achieve a few more things for members.

In particular, our Union was instrumental in ensuring that all loadings, including 10-day fortnight loadings and role specific loadings, are applied to the attraction and retention allowances – representing a real win for members.

Over the next few weeks, our Union, along with the other industry unions, will be working with Energy Queensland to draft the new Enterprise Agreement.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office and ask for either:

1. Rebecca Girard, Deputy Secretary;

2. Ben Ellis, Senior Industrial Officer;

3. Brendan Parkinson, Senior Organiser.

The Services Union is by your side.

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for members at Energy QLD.