In our last communication we informed you that our Union had made an application to appeal the approval of your Enterprise Agreement (EA) by the Fair Work Commission. We were concerned about the use of the Home Care classification instead of the higher paid classification of Disability Support Worker.

DCR is just one organisation that is classifying workers as Home Care Workers and undervaluing the work done by Disability Support Workers.

To address the undervaluation of your work we have decided to pursue a different avenue to deliver a fair outcome, not just for DCR members but for all members who are undervalued in the disability services sector.  On that basis we have made the decision to withdraw our appeal.

To hear more about this please attend our members meeting on Monday 30th October at 10:30am. Organiser Imogen Smith and our National Vice President, Jennifer Thomas will be present.

This will be an online meeting and to attend click here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your union organiser:

Imogen Smith – Union Organiser [email protected]  0419 679 479

Above: ASU is the Union fighting for members at DCR.