Important ASU The Smith Family Meetings

TSU members at TSF have won a pay increase, back pay and now the reintroduction of leave loading for all TSF workers!

Let’s celebrate, so register for one of the following TSU meetings to hear all about this in more detail:

  1. Monday, 25 March at 12pm -
  2. Tuesday, 26 March at 2pm -
  3. Monday, 8 April at 1pm -

TSU members have also secured the following:

  1. 10 weeks paid parental leave including super on unpaid parental leave
  2. 20 days paid family and domestic violence leave
  3. 5 days paid gender affirmation leave
  4. Increased KM allowance for travel
  5. 25 days paid union delegate leave per year across the delegate group
Please invite your colleagues who are not yet union members to join us in these meetings.

You all deserve to celebrate these wins!

We will also discuss next steps for the classification review process. Let’s continue to work together to keep achieving great outcomes in this next stage.

You can contact TSU Organiser Stuart Maggs with any queries, including your individual backpay on 0439 713 803 or via email [email protected]

Don’t forget to register for one of the meetings by clicking the above links and to receive an email reminder.

Above: ASU is the Union fighting for members at The Smith Family.