Huge BACKPAY WIN for members of The Services Union!

 Congratulations to many of our any 5 in 7 library, gallery and museum staff who will be getting significant back pay in the coming weeks. After over 5 years of patiently waiting you will be getting the backpay that you deserve!

The Services Union won this backpay argument on appeal at the Industrial Court and it has taken a long time to get an agreement with Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) to implement the decision. It is just a matter of MBRC calculating the backpay owed to roughly 100 staff, but it has been worth the wait.

Not only did our Union right a wrong impacting many any 5 in 7 staff at MBRC, but we have also been able to successfully fix a long standing sick leave issue that will see hundreds of indoor staff re-credited sick leave. The sick leave issue dates back to EBA3 and the 2014 Award that saw many of our members reduced from 15 days sick leave credit per annum to 10 days – the difference at MBRC was that they continued to apply 2014 Award conditions even after it was replaced by the 2017 Award!

Simply put - without strong Union membership and a dedicated Organising and Industrial team, we would not have been able to achieve what we have achieved!

To achieve this outcome alone without strong Union membership would have been impossible.

Forward this to a colleague and encourage them to join right now.

Not only have we fixed up the backpay for many of our any 5 in 7 members we have been able to improve penalty rates at the weekend going forward. From Certification of the new Agreement every Stream A (Indoor) employee working any 5 in 7 will get time and a half on Saturday and double time Sunday. A huge win and every member at MBRC should be proud!

Our Union has also requested a time and wage inspection of the sick leave re-imbursement and backpay. We have been by your side throughout the whole process and will continue to be by your side.
The Services Union is the Union fighting for workers at Moreton Bay Regional Council