Aurizon - Good things take a little longer to cook 

Whether it’s a delicious flying pig or an EBA that’s fair and reasonable.

Don’t rush into an agreement just because you are not sure what might follow your decision.

The consequences of voting up Aurizon’s proposed EBA will be with you for a long time.

Now is the time to say NO and to give Union members the opportunity to pursue a decent agreement using all of the options available under the Fair Work Act.

It is not the time to vote to secure substandard conditions and wages which fail to keep up with cost of living!

Even the Reserve Bank says that you deserve a decent pay rise and Aurizon’s profit forecasts say that they can afford to pay.

Any questions regarding this request, please contact Chris McJannett on 0427 655 528 or via email [email protected]   



ASU if the Union fighting for members at Aurizon.