Getting it right at Sunshine Coast Council 

The Services Union returns to the bargaining table today for further Certified Agreement (CA) discussions with Sunshine Coast Council. While we share the Council’s eagerness to get the deal done, we are also eager to ensure that it’s the right deal for you and your fellow members.

The field-based unions finished negotiating their CA last week, settling on a 15% pay package with an $800 sign-on bonus and improved leave and allowances. We’ve made it clear all along that we can’t and won’t stand in the way of the Field agreement going to vote. The Council has stated that the “funding envelope” for the Salaried Officers’ CA is the same as for the Field CA; we know from experience that it’s never over until it’s all over.

As well as the headline pay increase, we still need to resolve your key claims such as enhanced remuneration for Construction Supervisors, proper compensation for the inconvenience and cost of being moved to City Hall, and accruals while on unpaid leave.

Stay tuned for an update following today’s meeting. Contact your Workplace Delegate with any questions. If you work with someone who wants input into the next stage of the process and is not yet a member, joining is easy online.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Services Connect on 3844 5300 or [email protected]