Full Bench Decision at last

There’s never a dull moment at Brisbane City Council and we are by your side every step of the way. The Full Bench of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission has dismissed the claim concerning casual bus drivers made by the Rail Tram and Bus Union. Members would be aware that this claim had prevented the certification of what the Brisbane City Council has been calling “Our Agreement”. Now that the Full Bench has rejected their claim it falls to us to try to pick up the pieces. While the Council has implemented much of what was in the proposed agreement, administratively, some parts have not been implemented.

We are now in discussions with the Council to bring this matter to a close so that we can get on with the important business of putting a new Agreement into place to take you through these times of ever increasing prices. You have told us about the things that are of concern to you and we will be arranging to start discussions with the Council at the earliest possible time. If you haven’t completed our log of claims survey you can still do so be clicking here.

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