Fair and Proper Pay, not Velocity Points!

TSU Takes Action against Virgin Australia! 

Responding to the mishandling of backpay and classifications by Virgin Australia, the TSU has taken action by filing a case with the Fair Work Commission. The errors and confusion in implementing the 3% back pay and classification changes are disheartening. We will be in the Fair Work Commission against Virgin Australia on 2 January 2024.

The TSU remains committed to ensuring members receive the rightful compensation owed. We understand the challenges and assure our members that every effort is being made to address these issues promptly and effectively.

We received reports last week indicating that Virgin Australia has once again mishandled backpay payments, what looked like a deduction of funds instead of crediting them to employees' pay. We urgently ask all members to review their payslips for any impacts.

If your payslip reflects a deduction for 'backpay,' take the following immediate steps:
  1. Submit a written issue report to [email protected]
  2. Maintain records of your payslip and any related documentation (e.g., bank records) – preferably saved in personal email accounts rather than work accounts.
The blatant disregard for worker welfare and financial security by Virgin Australia is unacceptable. We're closely monitoring the situation and exploring all available avenues to ensure members receive the compensation they're owed. An urgent update will be provided to members as soon as possible.

In times of significant stress and financial pressure, it's crucial to prioritise both your physical and mental health. Remember, seeking medical assistance is always an option, and you can book an appointment with your doctor or arrange a telehealth consultation to obtain a medical certificate for any necessary time off.

Velocity points won’t pay the bills.

Virgin Australia committed to making additional payments to cabin crew over the Christmas period. It would appear the reasons for the payment were designed to deter potential industrial action in that workgroup, a reason Virgin Australia denies. So, as a matter of fairness, we wrote to the CEO to raise that Guest Services and the Guest Contact Centre employees should receive the payment. Unfortunately, we received unsatisfactory response from the Airline and were told employees would receive Velocity points as recognition instead.

Regrettably, the Airline is now struggling to roll out its Velocity points to employees.

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If you require any support or additional information, please contact your local TSU delegates or TSU organiser at:

QLD Services: Jessica Daniels on 0487 777 396

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Virgin Australia.