Extension to zombie Agreement sought while we negotiate for a new Agreement!

The Services Union is by your side in ensuring that you are working under the best possible conditions. The Endeavour Enterprise Agreement is an old agreement which is what are generally called zombie agreements. This is because the agreement has been essentially frozen in time since 2009. Now under changes to the Fair Work Act, agreements like the Endeavour Agreement that are “zombie agreements” must terminate at the end of 6 December 2023 unless the Fair Work Commission decides to allow an extension.

Our Union, along with other Unions that are party to the Endeavour Agreement have decided that in order to ensure your conditions, including the requirement to gain approval for changes to rostering arrangements, an application to extend the agreement should be made. Endeavour supports this. The application has now been lodged and we are waiting for a hearing in the Fair Work Commission. The Services Union will keep you informed of developments. In the meantime, negotiations for a new Agreement are resuming.

The Services Union, has been with you every step of the way, and remains committed to renegotiating an Agreement at Endeavour that:

  1. Covers all employees
  2. Provides pay parity
  3. Delivers a wage increase that values the work you do
  4. Provides choice and control on changes that impact you
An Agreement is the only way to ensure your employment conditions are improved beyond the Award!

Share this information with your colleagues, especially those yet to become members. 

Watch this space for meeting date/s, and if you have any questions- reach out to your local Organiser or Delegate.

Brisbane and South East Qld Organiser:
Tracey Coorey e:
[email protected]  or p: 0421 729 071

Central Qld Organiser:
Wayne Inman e: 
[email protected] or p: 0499 072 334

North Qld Organiser:
Adam Brown e: 
[email protected] or p: 0459 954 727

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Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Endeavour.