Pay and conditions matter to us all, so get on board now!


Over the past two weeks, our Union has dropped off packs to over 100 Endeavour Foundation (EF) sites to ensure workers on the ground are informed about our Unions current position and activities.

You will know from this information that, after almost 12 months, negotiations for a new Agreement have come to a standstill on a number of items that we know matter to members doing the hard yards on the ground. Our Union met with your CEO to discuss how we can move forward, and we have planned a series of Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meetings with your CEO to pursue member concerns, including:

*Pay parity for Industries Workers;
*Ensuring workers have a say in roster changes that impact them;
*Workload management for positions like the Home Site Supervisors and Employment Coaches;
*The fostering of a good workplace culture where work performed is valued appropriately.

The success of these discussions will depend on several things, including member involvement and action. Your voice can make a difference! You can actively participate and show your support by:

  1. Taking a photo of you and your colleagues holding up the Values and Respect poster. This is an easy and effective way to show that these things matter to you. Send the photo on to [email protected]

  2. Fill out our survey by clicking on the following link

  3. Ask your colleagues if they aren't Members yet and get them to join. Members equal power in your workplace!

Not a member and reading this?

If want issues around pay and conditions addressed, you need to get on board and join now as we enter into these JCC meetings with your CEO. Become a member to ensure your voice is heard so you are valued and respected! Plus participate in the activities above to show how important these issues are to you as workers. Join here:


*Fees are 100% tax deductible
*You will have access to industrial advice if you ever find yourself in trouble in your workplace
*Membership benefits ensure you can save money and make your union fees work for you

Being a member is the way to be informed and contribute to better outcomes for you and your colleagues. The Union starts with you. United we stand, divided we beg. The choice is yours!

Join here:

Contact Organiser Tracey Coorey for any queries or further information:

e: [email protected] or p: 0421 729 071

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Endeavour.