EQL Comms Update 

Our Union, along with the other industry unions, met with Energy Queensland representatives to engage in further preliminary discussions around the EBA renegotiation on 26 and 27 September 2023.

At the meeting on 26 September 2023, Energy Queensland provided responses to a number of claims put forward by the Unions.

Whilst there were encouraging aspects to the response from Energy Queensland, it is clear there is a lot more work to do to ensure the next Energy Queensland Union Collective Agreement will attract and retain the workers needed to meet the requirements of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan.

Energy Queensland pushed back on a number of our key claims, including:

  • biannual wage increases in the order of 5%;
  • increasing annual leave to an amount that is equal to the industry standard (six weeks for non-shift work; seven weeks for shift work);
  • increasing the quantum of parental leave available to both the primary carer and secondary carer;
  • claims seeking to address gender disparity in the business; and
  • claims geared towards recognising and rewarding lengthy service.

Despite their initial position on these issues, our Union will continue to negotiate with the business on these issues to ensure EQL offers its employees the conditions that will enable it to meet the requirements of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan.

As noted above, there were encouraging aspects of our discussions with Energy Queensland. For example, Energy Queensland is seriously considering:

  • aspects of our claim to improve the study assistance program;
  • some of our claims geared towards addressing the issue of mental health in the business; and
  • broader claims around attraction and retention.

In the meetings scheduled for next week, the bargaining parties will be breaking out into working parties to discuss in detail claims around:

  1. Training and development / career progression;
  2. Leave available under the Agreement; and
  3. Core work and use of contractors.

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Above: The ASU the union fighting for our members at EQL.