Endeavour Foundation Commences Consultation on Roster Changes in the Western Region! 

Update: Thursday 23/02/2023

On Monday 20th February 2023 Endeavour Foundation (EF) recommenced consultation on proposed roster changes across residentials in the Western Region where the initial consultation process returned a No vote. The consultation is about moving from a 12-hour shift roster to an 8 or 10-hour shift roster. EF is seeking to make this change in accordance with the current roster change requirements per your Union Agreement. Click here to understand what applies. Two thirds of impacted staff must vote in favour of this change before a new roster can be implemented.

From the commencement of consultation, in late 2022, for roster changes across the Western Region we have been by our members side having intervened to ensure members of our union are:

  • provided with correct information,
  • that the process is fair and equitable; and
  • that member’s voices are heard.
As such we attended the initial meetings this week to ensure any Member questions were answered and that the required details were adequately conveyed.

What’s Next?

  1. Between Monday 20th February – Wednesday 1st March you will be able to communicate with Manager’s to provide your feedback based on the proposed roster. In this time Member’s will be able to speak to their Union Organiser to discuss any issues and/or receive support in their communication and/or responses from Management. (Please note: originally feedback was closing on Monday 6th of March. However, after Member’s reported they were not informed on day 1 of the consult, our Union contacted EF for a resolution that didn’t disadvantage employees. EF responded by extending the consultation. Our Union was satisfied with this decision.
  2. After feedback closes, EF will collate the information and email you the final proposed roster based on feedback, for you to vote on.
  3. The voting period will then begin on Monday 6th March and end on Tuesday 7th March 2023 . EF will be emailing you a Survey Monkey link to vote. All staff must vote either yes or no.
  4. After voting closes, EF will collate votes and communicate and verify these with your Union. Following this, EF will announce voting outcomes to staff.
  5. As before, EF will require two-thirds majority in each site to be able to implement the new roster, as per clause 6.1.5b of the Endeavour Foundation Union Collective Agreement.
  6. The voting process will also include an option for you to agree or disagree with any meal breaks that, in your proposed roster, are rostered to be taken within the last 30 minutes of your shift, as per clause 6.2.2 of the EFUCA.
  7. If EF are able to achieve this, the tentative implementation date of the proposed roster is April 2023.
As a member you will have access to support and advice as you go through this consultation process. This will assist you to reach agreement on rosters that operationalise the needs of EF, clients, you and your colleagues. Our Union will represent our members if the consultation process is unfair, flawed or not operating how it should.

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If you have questions please contact :
Organiser Tracey Coorey e: [email protected]  or p: 0421 729 071

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