EF Commences Consultation on Roster Changes – Must Read!

Endeavour is commencing consultation on proposed roster changes across residentials in Queensland. Western Region residentials will be part of the first round of consultation. The consultation is about moving from a 12 hour shift roster to an 8 or 10 hour shift roster. Endeavour is seeking to make this change in accordance with the current roster change requirements per your Agreement. Click here  to understand what applies. Two thirds of impacted staff must vote in favour of this change before a new roster can be implemented.

Our union intervened at the commencement of the consultation to ensure members of our union were provided with relevant and correct information.

Endeavour Management have acknowledged they have provided incorrect information in the briefing material which would lead an employee to think they are moving to the SCHADS Award, this is not the case.

Endeavour is moving away from 12 hour shift rosters:
  1. In preparation for the making of an Agreement the roster arrangements would have to comply with the SCHADS Award;
  2. In response to the possibility that Federal Government will alter the Fair Work Act as indicated pre-election, to unilaterally terminate all WorkChoices era agreements of which your Agreement is one; and /or
  3. In the event that Endeavour decides to make an application to terminate the Agreement to revert to minimum pay and conditions under the SCHADS Award, legislation wouldn’t allow for 12 hour shifts.
What’s Next?

Consultation for the Western Region commences from Wednesday 19th October 2022. Our union intends to attend these meetings. Endeavour will work with our Union to mitigate the impacts on members as much as possible during this process.

At the end of the consultation when it is time to vote on the proposed roster, you’ll simply vote yes or no. If you are working at different sites, you will need to vote on the proposed roster for each site. No reason needs to be provided in carrying out a staff roster vote.

As a member you will have access to support and advice as you go through this consultation process. This will assist you to reach agreement on rosters that operationalise the needs of Endeavour, clients, you and your colleagues. Our Union will represent our members if the consultation process is unfair, flawed or not operating how it should.

If you have questions please contact :

Organiser Tracey Coorey e: [email protected]  or p: 0421 729 071

Or our Industrial Team e: [email protected]  p: 3844 5300

Not yet a member now is the time to join!  You don’t want to go through a consultation on roster changes without knowing you have access to advice and support if you need it. Usually we would require you to be a member for an initial servicing period of 12weeks (3mths) before being able to provide you with representation. We will waive our initial servicing period for the those new members who join prior to the 8th of November 2022. Our Initial servicing period will apply to anyone joining after the 8 November 2022 in relation to consultation on proposed roster changes.  

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Endeavour.