Direct Care Resources - Ballot Result

Our Union has been by your side advocating for fair wages and conditions for union members throughout the DCR enterprise bargaining process.

As you are aware, our Union did not come to agreement with DCR before the ballot was held. For this reason, our Union asked members to vote no.

The outcome of the ballot was:

    • 195 responses
    • 133 votes for yes
    • 62 votes for no

Next steps

As a result of the yes vote, the draft Enterprise Agreement will now be submitted to the Fair Work Commission for approval. The estimated current time for approval is around 4 to 5 weeks. DCR employees will need to be prepared that the Fair Work Commission may not approve the proposed 7 on / 7 off roster. During the approval process, our Union will continue to advocate for our members by contesting the approval of the Enterprise Agreement on the basis that DCR are proposing to underpay you. We have a firm view that the work you perform is Disability Support Work and as a casual employee you are entitled to be paid at a minimum of $40.26 per hour.

We acknowledge that dedicated DCR employees are exhausted with this process and the lack of movement from DCR to provide you with fair entitlements that reflect your correct classification and the hard work that you perform.

Our Union is by your side, we have heard you loud and clear and we assure you that we are taking proactive steps to ensure that this matter is resolved.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Union organiser Imogen Smith on [email protected] or 0419 679 479

Above: ASU is the Union fighting for members at DCR.