Direct Care Resources - What are you hiding?

After 18 months of unsuccessful negotiations with your employer Direct Care Resources where no agreement was made on a new Enterprise Agreement (EA), DCR is now putting to ballot its proposed EA and holding information sessions for staff.

When your Union representatives, joined the first online meeting today to represent your interests, we were told by David Videroni that we were not allowed to be there and that we had to leave. This is despite receiving the meeting invitation directly from DCR. When we questioned David Videroni on why union members could not have representation in the meeting, he told us that these sessions were private sessions for employees only. Then, DCR kicked us out of the meeting.

Our Union is an employee bargaining representative, and we will be a party to the Enterprise Agreement - we think it is reasonable that we are able to join these meetings.

This has left us wondering, Direct Care Resources – what do you have to hide? What are you telling workers that you wouldn’t want their Union representatives to hear?

Could it be DCR’s unfair Enterprise Agreement that seeks to undercut the wages of hard-working people by up to $1,004.19 per fortnight?

Or could it be that DCR has been reported to the Fair Work Ombudsman for wage theft?

Whatever it is, we are by the side of Union members to fight for a fair outcome for all Disability Support Workers.

What should you do next?
  1. If you attend an information session, beware of misinformation told to encourage you to support the proposed EA.
  2. Just vote NO – your employer needs to hear loud and clear that this is YOUR agreement, not theirs, and there is nothing private about your wages and conditions that your Union shouldn’t know about.
Direct Care Resources has no intention of playing fair. Your employer wants to continue to undervalue the work you do and prevent you from hearing the truth about your entitlements.

Vote No!

If you are reading this and you are not yet a union member, it’s time to stand up for what is right and fair – representation, transparency, fair working conditions, and fair pay. Click here to join the Services Union today.

For more information contact your Union Organiser:

Imogen Smith
0419 679 479
[email protected]

Above: ASU is the Union fighting for members at DCR.