Direct Care Resources - Vote No!

Voting on the proposed DCR Enterprise Agreement will open on Friday 18 August at 7am. We are asking all DCR employees to vote NO.

Click here to watch an informative video of DCR member’s FAQs and to understand more about why voting NO is important.

Why vote NO:

             This agreement undervalues your hourly rate – you are NOT a home care worker, you are a disability support worker and we are fighting to ensure that you are paid a minimum hourly rate of $40.26 per hour as a casual worker.

             Voting yes will not secure your 7-on/7-off roster. Even as a home care worker, the Fair Work Commission will decide if this roster is lawfully compliant and may not agree to it.

             This agreement does not benefit all staff. Those DCR staff that do not work 112 hours in a week or have “stand down” hours in their days will have a reduction in their take home pay due to the lower hourly rate being offered.

             The hourly rate that is proposed is just cents above the home care worker Award rate and offers no improvements to wages over the next 3 years.

             Voting NO sends a message to DCR that they need to do better!

If you still have questions, contact Imogen Smith on 0419 679 479 or [email protected]

If you are receiving this email and you are not yet a union member, it’s time to stand up for fair wages and working conditions. Click here  to join The Services Union.

Above: ASU is the Union fighting for members at DCR.