Consultation Matters! Update on the Annual Leave Ballot and National Consultation Committee

Below is an update on the Annual Leave Ballot and National Consultation Committee.

Annual Leave Ballot

We've listened closely to our members, and it's clear our members are concerned that Virgin Australia's proposed changes to annual leave are proceeding at a rapid pace. We've taken fast action to safeguard your rights: the right to accrue leave without being compelled to take it and the right to cancel leave when special circumstances arise. Virgin Australia has either removed the contentious provisions or addressed them in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

We've requested Virgin Australia to extend the consultation period, allowing us more time to address any further concerns that may arise. The Airline has agreed to extend the consultation period to 7 April 2024. As the proposal evolves, your input is invaluable. Please share your thoughts and opinions on the proposal.

National Consultation Committee

As a part of the Enterprise Agreement, there is a National Consultative Committee (NCC) that plays a vital role in examining various aspects, including:Updates on general business matters and significant changes within Airport Operations and Virgin Australia Policy.
  • Assessment of Airport Infrastructure Changes for Team Members.
  • Evaluation of resourcing, rostering, workforce performance, and systems.
  • Exploration of opportunities for insourcing and the utilisation of VA Team Members employed under this agreement.

  • The NCC comprises of management, TSU delegates, non-delegate employee representatives, and a TSU official. However, Virgin Australia has proposed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the NCC that do not align with the Enterprise Agreement and fail to ensure equal treatment between TSU delegates and non-delegate employee representatives. It is imperative that Virgin Australia upholds its legal obligations and provides equitable treatment for all committee members. The non-delegate position is filled by an election by employees at the port.


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    Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Virgin Australia.