Congratulations to TSU Members at The Smith Family

We’re excited to tell you that TSF and the TSU have just signed a Memorandum of Understanding locking in new pay rates, improved conditions and a reclassification process. 

It was TSU members who initiated bargaining to improve pay and working conditions for every TSF worker in Australia. 

In November 2023, TSU members discovered a pay discrepancy and it was continued pressure from TSU members that saw that rectified and back-paid. 

We continued our advocacy and now your leave loading will be reinstated!! Tell your colleagues to join us in the Union that won this for everyone!! 

Collective Union power at TSF has also just achieved: 
  • 10 weeks paid parental leave including super on unpaid parental leave
  • 5 days paid gender affirmation leave
  • 20 days family and domestic violence leave
  • Increased KM allowance for travel
We’re going to organise meetings to ensure that all TSF employees have an opportunity to understand the MOU. More details will come soon. 

You should all feel extremely proud for these advancements and let’s continue to work together for the next stage. Join the TSU today at 

Contact your local TSU organiser if you have any questions or would like to organise a visit! 

Stuart Maggs
0439 713 803
TSU Organiser

Above: ASU is the Union fighting for members at The Smith Family.