Concern Over Budget Cuts at Brisbane City Council 

Union members would have seen the Courier Mail article saying that Council have decided to 'axe projects' and 'slash services' and read the note from the CEO Colin Jensen advising that the Council is looking to cut 10% off the budget. The Council has been in touch with our Union and assured us that we will be consulted over any changes that impact our members. This consultation will occur when the Council have finished working through any potential changes and the impacts that they may have. Remember that under the current Determination the Council must consult with us before it makes any decisions.

It's times like these that it is important to remind yourself and your colleagues that you have a fantastic EBA (2023 Determination) that is absolutely focussed on job security. It also includes comprehensive processes to deliver redeployment where that is necessary and a guarantee of no forced retrenchment that members of The Services Union negotiated into previous EBAs and have fought hard to maintain ever since.

Next year is a big year for members of our Union with the upcoming EBA negotiations and if we are sailing into choppy economic waters with the Council engaging in cost cutting exercises then it is vital that our Union stays strong. Encourage your colleagues that aren't yet in The Services Union to join here.

Stay tuned for more updates.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our union via Services Connect on 3844 5300 or [email protected] 

Above: Brisbane Town Hall. Brisbane City Council it’s one of the world’s biggest local authorities, and the work our members perform to keeps the city running!