Closer – but no deal at Redland City Council

The Services Union reconvened negotiations with Redland City Council today for your new Certified Agreement (CA). It’s been a long road, and as your ally in the workplace, our Union is committed to getting it right so you don’t lose out over the coming years.

Today we achieved some movement, with the Council revising its offer to 4% for the first year (up from 3%), back-paid to May. The second and third years would stay at 3.5% and the previously-agreed on-call improvements would remain.

We tabled our concern that 2024 is still an economic unknown and put two counter-proposals to the Council:
  • either increase the total package to 12% over three years, or
  • remove the third year and deliver 8% over two years.
The Council had no interest in a two-year deal. We reinforced to the Council that if it wanted a three-year agreement, it would need to bump its offer up to 12%. The Council remained firm on its offer of 11%.

We are closer to resolution but still not at the point where we could recommend accepting what’s on offer. Our Union remains keen to resolve the negotiations quickly, but not if it means members getting stuck with a pay deal that could be significantly behind the cost of living over the next three years. We will confer with your Workplace Delegates on our next steps and advise accordingly.

Congratulations to all members – your effort and resolve have got us this far – and a warm welcome to everyone who has joined in support of a better deal. If you work with someone who wants a fair outcome and is not yet a member, remind them that joining is easy online.

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Redland City Council.