City of Gold Coast Bargaining Update

The City tabled a revised offer on the following core items (acknowledging that there would be other claims requiring discussion):

  • Local Area Agreements (LAAs) – the City will thoroughly review all allowances and other peripheral payments with a view to rolling these amounts into the hourly base rates;
  • Fortnightly Pays – the City proposed to back-date the first pay increase to 19 September 2023, with this amount to be paid out in the first fortnight of the new pay arrangement;
  • Headline pay increases of 4.5% per year over three years, with a CPI safety net (capped at 6.5%) on the final year;
  • The City stated that an equitable method of reducing working hours was proving too difficult, but remained open to the SBU’s suggestions.
We provided the following response:

  • We will reserve our position on the LAA proposal until the City has supplied all details
    in writing
  • We are open to discussing the City’s proposal to use back-pay as a means to reduce the impact of introducing fortnightly pays, but we have concerns about those employees for whom the back-paid amount does not equate to a full week’s pay and request that the City fund the shortfall;
  • We noted the improved pay offer but put it to the City that 6% per year would be a more appropriate starting point, given where Gold Coast pay rates currently sit;
  • The SBU has not dismissed the proposition of a shorter working week, and will explore ways to equitably apply a reduction of hours.
With the Festive Season almost upon us, the parties resolved to resume discussions on Tuesday 23 January. This week’s meeting marked a welcome return to productive discussions, although we are still to agree on any firm proposals. Active, informed membership is what will get us there. If you work with someone who wants to contribute to a better outcome and is not yet a member, joining is easy online .