City of Gold Coast Bargaining Bulletin: Log Now Tabled 

As part of the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU), The Services Union met with the City of Gold Coast Council yesterday for further Certified Agreement negotiations. There were three agenda items:

  1. The City’s claim for fortnightly pays. As with the last time the City proposed this claim, we rejected it on the basis that the City’s proposal does not adequately address the fact that you would only have a week’s pay in hand to see you through the first fortnight. We put it to the City that it would need to address this and improve its pay offer for us to consider the move to fortnightly pay.
  2. The City’s Local Area Agreement (LAA) proposal. We firmly rejected the City’s proposal to buy out and remove all LAAs. The City’s proposal would be a significant backward financial step for those members.
  3. The consolidated log of claims. We tabled the consolidated SBU log (view here) and explained all claims. We tabled the following pay claim:
  • 10% from 16 October 2023
  • 8% from 16 October 2024
  • 6% or CPI (whichever is greater) from 16 October 2025
The City undertook to review all claims and respond at the next meeting on Tuesday 14 November. In the meantime, share this update with your colleagues and discuss the claims that mean the most to you. It’s important to remember that the above pay claim, and the whole log, have been formulated with a view to delivering the necessary attraction and retention to ensure the City functions as it should. Without a serious pay uplift, the City risks losing good staff.

Talk to your Workplace Delegate if you have any questions. Remind your colleagues that delivering the right outcome depends on strong membership. Encourage a workmate to join today .

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at City of Gold Coast Council.