Central Station / Ferny Grove Station Workplace Culture Investigation – Misconceived from the outset!

As your ally in the workplace the Services Union is always focussed on ensuring that you are treated fairly at work. Our members in Stations Operations, Customer Service will likely be aware that QR has engaged a firm of lawyers, Minter Ellison for an open slather investigation into ‘workplace culture.’

Many of our members already know that we have put this investigation into dispute with QR

What’s our concern?

The Services Union will NEVER accept a process which requires our members to attend investigation interviews with such a broad, poorly crafted scope, especially when the meetings are being conducted under legal professional privilege. This means that any report resulting from interviews with you will be covered by legal professional privilege and QR will be able to refuse to provide you with the report or the reasons for any actions which they might decide to take as a result of any reports. Further, we will never know for sure whether any actions which QR purports to be taking as a result of the enquiry are in fact responsive to what the enquiry found and if the findings were actually justified by the evidence.

This is not a transparent way of running a workplace.

We cannot accept a process like this as being fair and transparent and we struggle to understand how anyone could agree to a process which is designed to specifically exclude your representatives from having any real input.

The Services Union is always by your side.

If you are invited to attend an interview with Minter Ellison, you can advise: ‘I am aware that The Services Union has put this investigation into dispute, and has advised me not to participate.’

If you are directed to attend an interview, please contact us immediately.

You can call Services Connect to speak to an Industrial Officer by calling (07) 3844 5300.

If you have a colleague who is concerned about this issue and is not a member of the Union, encourage them to join online.

ASU is the Union fighting for workers at QR.