Celebrating the Inaugural Union Pride Awards

Equality is union business, and in true fashion our mighty Queensland union movement is coming together this year to really drive that point home.

On 22 September, we’ll be celebrating our inaugural Union Pride Awards in Brisbane! These awards are designed to recognise the incredible and brilliant work Queensland union members do every single day despite the adversity, discrimination, and power imbalances they face in and out of the workplace.

Between now and the end of June, all Queensland unions have been encouraged to nominate an outstanding member who fights for the safety, equality, and inclusion of LGBTQ+, intersex, and gender diverse workers.

Who’s eligible to be nominated?

Click here to view the Union Pride Award Nomination form

Any Queensland union member who strives to advance working conditions and protections for LGBTQ+, intersex, and gender diverse workers can be nominated for this award.

Our Union knows that each workplace is going to come with its own set of challenges, and the details will vary member to member. Nevertheless, the outcome remains the same: union members are being commemorated for their ongoing commitment to building safe, equal, and inclusive environments for LGBTQ+, intersex, and gender diverse workers.

Who can submit a nomination?

Any member can submit a nomination, but we are putting a special ask on our ASU Pride committee to get in and nominate themselves or their workmates. Celebrating our wins is a vital part of the work we do as it motivates us to stick together and keep fighting. It isn’t often that we get a chance to commend members on such a high level, and so we ask our LGBTQ+, intersex, and/or gender diverse members to take full advantage of this opportunity!

How do nominations work?

- Submit a nomination here
- Self-nominate or nominate a mate
- Anyone can submit a nomination
- You can submit more than one nomination (the more, the merrier)
- Nominations due in by 11:59pm on Sunday 25 June 2023
- A judging panel will be assembled to review nominations

Remember: there’s no win ‘too small.’ In fact, we are very keen to hear everything you and your workmates are doing across Queensland. Whether you work in the Valley, Mt Isa, West End, or the Hinterlands – we want to celebrate your achievements with you!

If you have any questions related to the Union Pride Awards and/or nominations, our Union’s Pride committee, or any other union/work-related matter, get in touch via the relevant details below.

The Services Union Contact Details

Darci W Pride Officer and Organiser
0407 172 755
[email protected]

The Services Union Office General Contact, Member Benefits, and Support
07 3844 5300
[email protected]