Cassowary Coast members down tools in support of better pay!

Members of The Services Union Cassowary Coast Regional Council’s Innisfail premises took the bold and unprecedented step of walking off the job yesterday to send a strong message to the Council that the pay increase on offer just won’t cut it.

At the hour-long stop-work meeting, members passed the following resolutions:

  1. That our Union meet with management and confirm members’ rejection of the current offer, and request that the Council continue negotiations to improve the current pay offer while we await a hearing date from the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC); and
  2. That our Union address with management the inaccuracies contained in the CEO’s communications to staff, and request that the Council cease presenting information in a manner that pits employees against each other – and negotiations should be conducted in a professional manner.

We conveyed these resolutions to management directly after the stop-work meeting and we await the Council’s response.

Congratulations to all Innisfail members who participated in yesterday’s action, particularly those who have stepped up to assist your Workplace Delegate Jason Hemingway on the Strike Committee. If you work in Tully or any other Council location and want to represent your Work Group on the Committee, please contact Jason.

If you work with someone who is not yet a member but wants a proper pay deal, remind them that the best thing they can do to show their support is by joining our union.

Above: TSU members take Protected Action at Cassowary Coast Regional Council.