Cassowary Coast Regional Council

As your ally in the workplace at Cassowary Coast Regional Council, The Services Union understands the cost of living pressures you currently face. That’s why we’re serious about delivering an acceptable pay deal.

The Council claims to be interested in “attracting and retaining staff”. But if the Council were serious, it would offer a pay increase closer to the current underlying rate of inflation of 6.9%, rather than the far less relevant Wage Price Index of 3.3%. We’re not complaining about the Council administratively delivering this increase, as from our point of view there are no strings attached.  

The Council says it is “preparing notification to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission of the stalemate in our negotiations and seeking their assistance to resolve the impasse”. The Council has been saying similar things for weeks. We’re starting to wonder why it’s taking so long, and we encourage you to ask your manager what the hold-up is. Once again, if the Council was serious about ‘resolving the impasse’, we would already have a Commission listing.

Whether you’re a long-term member or one of the many who have joined since our last update, your membership means you can take tangible action to encourage a more serious approach from the Council. We’ll be in touch early next week with details of Protected Industrial Action as determined by your Strike Committee. If you want to be on the Committee, contact your Organiser Glenn Desmond.. And if you work with someone who is not yet a member and wants to help the Council focus on the job at hand, joining is easy online

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Cassowary Coast Regional Council.