Cassowary Coast Regional Council – Clearly can't really cope

As Members of The Services Union at Cassowary Coast Regional Council know that our Union will stay the course until we collectively achieve an acceptable pay deal. Conversely, if the CEO’s bizarre latest newsletter is any indication, the Council is clearly cracking under the strain of your refusal to swallow its underdone proposal.

The Council says it’s disappointed with the pace at which the Unions responded to its latest offer. Based on member feedback, we rejected the offer in writing over a month ago. And now while we await the notice of Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) assistance which the Council says it is eager to apply for, the Council’s latest brainwave is to encourage your non-member colleagues to bug our Union to allow a vote!

Our Union is here to represent the views of members. We can safely say we haven’t had a single member or non-member tell us to allow the Council to proceed to ballot. Instead, we continue to welcome new members to the fold, most likely because we have a plan to get the job done. Rather than for a QIRC listing, our plan involves positive, tangible steps.
Your protected industrial action has now been authorised by the Industrial Registry. We can now begin the discussion about what action to take, and when. If you’re keen to be more involved, contact your Organiser Glenn Desmond to nominate for our Union’s Strike Committee. And if you work with someone who’s not yet a member and wants to contribute positively to wrapping up this process, remind them that joining is easy online.

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Cassowary Coast Regional Council.